Create A Blog On Your Mobile Phone Part 3

Sad to announce the end of this "how to create a blog on your mobile phone series", well i know we have learned a lot of new things in this web series

Some things we have learned so far

  1. what mobile blogging is
  2. how to create a free website on github with jekyll
  3. how to clone your website to your mobile phone
  4. how to run some basic Git Commands in your mobile phone
  5. and so many other things

incase you missed the other series, don't worry you can always go back and read them up

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Now lets go back to what we are really here for, blogging from your mobile phone

What is blogging

Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that is self-published online.

So basically you know what blogging is all about, its a way for a lot of people to express their feelings and share there ideas online.

Blogging with jekyll

your blog posts live in a directory called _posts in the root of your site, so basically thats where you will add all your blog posts

Your blog file names begin with ""
so when creating your post, always follow the order

for a detailed on how to write blog posts on jekyll please refer to this jekyll guide below

Learn more about jekyll post

Publishing your first post

The first step is to open your spck editor, The editor you downloaded in the first part of this series, open it and navigate to your _posts folder

Jekyll  _posts folder in spck editor
_Posts folder looks like this

Go ahead and delete the post found there and create another one with format

new post in jekyll spck editor
Add new file

After you created the post
add your layout and title like this

Edit jekyll config file in spck editor
Modify jekyll site on spck editor

Now you can add anything to your blog post, after all you are now a blogger, after you are done with writting your post, just go ahead and commit your changes and then push them online like we learned in our previous post

and there you have it, you just created your first post, go ahead and preview your new post online

Jekyll image folder in spck editor
this is what your new website look like in a mobile view

Jekyll image folder in spck editor
this is what your new website look like in a pc view

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thanks for reading....